Brief Personal History

My name is Austin Dwyer. I was born in County Tipperary, Ireland. Besides being a painter I am also an author and musician, studying at the Municipal School of Music in Dublin. I am a Board Member and Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Arists, fellow and life member with the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists and a member of Modern Marine Masters. My travels brought me to America where I joined the USAF. I was discharged in 1961 and arrived in Seattle where I was very proud to become an American citizen. I Studied art at the Burnley School of Professional Art in Seattle, and graduated in 1963. After graduation I founded Dwyer Advertising, Marketing and Illustration. I taught Illustration and design at Burnley for 14 years. I married and have 8 children and 20 grand children. I have been retired for the past 10 years and spend most of these days painting in my studio. I am still involved in guest lecturing at universities. I am frequently asked to Jury shows and conduct workshops.

The Fate of the Bounty

Bounty Rounding Horn

Bounty Rounding the Horn

Last Exhibition

The Last Exhibition of the Bounty

Sandy ant the Bounty

Sandy and the Bounty

Best in Show

2016 Best of Show - Coo's Art Museum
Award of Excellence - Port of Coo's Bay

Best in Show

Blue Nose and Elsie

2014 Coo's Art Museum Annual Maritime Exhibit Best of Show

Sharing the Catch

Sharing the Catch

Coo's Art Museum 12th Annual Maritime Exhibit Best
Best of Show
Feature Artist and Judge